Take a chill

Again with the economy. Have you ever heard the expression “S… rolls down hill?” When economic difficulties happen, even unconsciously, it can roll to the children. You lose your job or your hours are cut, or credit card companies are busy working their magic of increasing interest rates. The result is feeling like the dollars you bring home just aren’t enough. You begin to worry about paying the bills, having to cut back on the family extras, and of course the vacation is gone. It can be very stressful, and without evening realizing it, you begin to yell at your spouse, and then kids, even doing things that kids do like running and playing can begin to get on your nerves. It is important to become more consciously aware of your reactions. Instead of yelling, ask them for a hug. You would be surprised and how much better you will feel after a great big kid hug. And laugh, when they do something silly, instead of yelling. Laughter makes us feel better and it actually exercises your heart. So, even when things become so stressful that we are tempted to take it out on the smallest of those who live with us, stop and take a chill. It will be better for all of you in the long run.

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