But My Kids Weren’t Planned

I often hear mothers make that statement when trying to come up with an excuse for not adequately caring for or about their children. My daughter is the nursery director at her church, and they recently asked that each of the parents volunteer their time to the nursery, and one woman, instead of willingly taking her turn said flat out that she wouldn’t do it, because “my kids weren’t planned.” What a horrible thing to say to or in front of or even about your children. These kinds of messages tell children that in some way it is their fault, and they can develope self esteem issues if they continually hear that they really weren’t wanted. Celebrate your children every day. Celebrate their uniqueness, their funniness, their innocent and loving natures. Instead of telling them weren’t planned, tell them they have a great smile. Children are so special, and such an important part of our lives. Just remember, you were a child once too. And even if your parents said to you “you weren’t planned” remember how that made you feel and vow to break that cycle. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for. Make this a day to begin to tell your children how much they are wanted.

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